Yogurt Dutch Baby

Recently I had some leftover yogurt, and I don’t like yogurt.  (Actually when I recently went to Greece I discovered I love greek yogurt, but haven’t been able to find any I liked in the states, so I had this gross store bought yogurt leftover from attempting to make my own).

I had already planned to make a Dutch Baby.  I follow this recipe but use 4 eggs (my chickens still lay a little small, and I need to use up eggs), no nutmeg, no sugar, and an extra large heaping packed 1/2 cup of flour.  I’ve used it before and it’s glorious carby and gone in one sitting by one person.

So today I decided to replace half the milk with the same volume of yogurt.  (2.5 oz yogurt to 2.5oz milk)  Though I didn’t actually measure any of the liquids.  As long as it’s still liquidy-ish at the end, I call it good.

Heres how it turned out:


Would I make the yogurt version again over the milk one? Yes, but only if I had extra yogurt, I wouldn’t go out of my way to get yogurt if I wanted a dutch baby.



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