Seed Starting!


When you give your kitchen to the seeds

Starting back in February me and my best friend at Wandering Cherry Meadow pooled our seed resources and planted tomatoes, peppers, and many many things.  You can read her post about it here.

I got all my seeds from adaptive seeds which is an open-source seed initiative based in Oregon.  I really like their mission statement, how every seed packet came with instructions on how to save the seeds, and the fact that they produce seeds that do well in the PNW. Namely, not very much sun, not very much snow, and all around wet.

My seed packets told me to plant cucumbers and squashes indoors in 2″ pots in May.  So today I planted 24 cucumbers and 12 squash.  In my garden I have plans for 16 cucumber and 8 squash.  I plan for some of my starts not taking, and the rest will go to my neighbors and friends who all garden.

One thing I’ve learned from starting seeds two months ago, is that you can never start enough.  Some will die.  Some you will forget to water and will die.  Your best friends mother’s may be overtaken by mold and die.  One thing I will promise you, come May you will wish you had started more.  It’s the garden math version of kitchen math.

To that end, my plants have completely taken over my kitchen table and I’m seriously considering expanding into the dining room.

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