Garden App 1.0

gardenAppSo apparently what happens when you spend a Sunday teaching woman to code for the first time, and then you take Monday off, you get inspired and spend hours coding anyways.

To that end, I created version 1.0 of my gardening app. It’s text based (because I hate coding graphics) and very basic.  The cool part though is that all the data is saved in a json file format, which is easy to read in, and I hope that someone one day writes a web-front end to interface with my backend.

Current features:

What I plant to do (pun intended) (aka why I didn’t like any options I found on the internet)

  • color code the bed based on how good plants are placed according to companions
  • Upgrade the algorithm that will take in all your beds, all the seeds you want to plant and the number of plants you have and spit out an ‘optimally’ placed bed.
  • More input (currently some items you can only do in the json file)

If you’re willing to write a web front end (or really anything GUI) to interface with my c++ code please let me know!

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