Portable Garden Fencing

IMG_20170521_115606.jpgIf you have chickens that free range, you’ve probably discovered that absolute ravaging they can do to your garden.

After weeks of planting out seedling and coming back two days later to no plants (except onions), I decided something had to be done.

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Becoming a Beekeeper (with dogs)

DSC02370.jpgDeciding to keep bees may be an impulsive decision with visions of honey driving it.  That and a fortuitous craigslist ad selling a “newbee” special at a reasonable price, and I was in (woodsbee).  Today I got my nuc and it was time to install them.

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Seed Starting!


When you give your kitchen to the seeds

Starting back in February me and my best friend at Wandering Cherry Meadow pooled our seed resources and planted tomatoes, peppers, and many many things.  You can read her post about it here.

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Garden App 1.0

gardenAppSo apparently what happens when you spend a Sunday teaching woman to code for the first time, and then you take Monday off, you get inspired and spend hours coding anyways.

To that end, I created version 1.0 of my gardening app. It’s text based (because I hate coding graphics) and very basic.  The cool part though is that all the data is saved in a json file format, which is easy to read in, and I hope that someone one day writes a web-front end to interface with my backend.

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How much work is double digging really?


after. Still need to line it with some wood.

This spring I embark on my first full scale concerted effort to having a vegetable garden. (Last year, was my first year in my new house, and I moved in in late may, bought a couple starts and decided water wasn’t something plants needed, needless to say I had a total of 1 sugar snap pea and 2 cherry tomatoes).  This year I have done a lot more research and am ready.

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Leftovers Sushi


Also known as: Why you should always have sushi rice on hand.

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Cottage Cheese leftover Pasta

This gallery contains 7 photos.

So I was hungry, it was snowing (really only slightly solid rain, but any excuse), so I didn’t want to leave the house.  Browsing the internet, I decided I was craving lasagna, but had none of the ingredients for it … Continue reading

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